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A Guide to Golf Course Maintenance by Season

Since we’re headed into a new season and the chilly temperatures and wet weather is among us, you might be asking what maintenance you need to complete as the seasons change. Here’s a run-down of the typical maintenance you need to complete season-by-season. This schedule can apply to most golf courses, but will obviously depend on soil type, weather patterns and management policy and various other site-specific factors. If your course is in need of TLC or if you need any advice on how best to deal with problems specific to your course, why not engage the experts.  Haffey Sports Grounds...
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Belfast City Council Contract Secured

Belfast City Council has awarded Haffey Sports Grounds the Term Contract for Primary and Secondary Drainage Works to all of the sports pitches in their area.  The contract will begin on 1 August 2013 and run for a period of three years. This contract will cover a wide variety of sports grounds, including football pitches, gaelic pitches and golf courses which the Council provides for use by their constituents....
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