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Below are some examples of tennis court surfaces and design projects we have delivered as well as useful information on tennis court maintenance.

Grass Court Tennis Season

The last few weeks have seen the start of the traditional Grass Court Tennis season with prestigious tournaments like Queen's Club and Wimbledon grabbing the attention of the British public. The natural grass surface is predominately only found in the UK and the season lasts just over a month with the All-England Championship the highlight of the grass court season. So what better way to welcome the grass court season than to look at the maintenance of the natural grass courts.  The Institute of Groundsmanship have produced an excellent document which covers the maintenance of grass...
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New Pitches for Failsworth Specialist Sports College

Greenfields (UK) Limited have contracted Haffey Sportsgrounds Limited to install a number of new synthetic pitches at Failsworth School, a specialist sports college in Manchester. The Football Foundation has backed the project which will involve the installation of a new full size FIFA approved football pitch and a MUGA area.  The project is due to commence in early May 2014. The press release from the school regarding the project is available here.  The main image is of the Football Foundation handing over a grant cheque in relation to the project....
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New Tennis Courts for Newry High School

Haffey Sports Grounds have been contracted by TAL Limited to undertake a project to install a new synthetic area at Newry High School.  The area will contain three tennis courts for its primary usage, although other sports may be played on the surface from time to time. The project, which is being funded by the SELB, will commence in early January 2014 and is expected to take 12 weeks to complete.  It should be complete around the end of March 2014....
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