How to Maintain Your Sports Pitch in Summer

Summer is sometimes the hardest time of year for maintaining a sports pitch.  Many sports are going on with winter sports like football still being practised and summer sports like cricket in full flow.  The hotter weather and lower rain levels also present challenges.


The light roller can be your friend at this time of year as it can be used before each new cutting.  This is the time of year when the soil can start to dry out so the irrigation system you put in place is very important – wetting agents can be used...

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How to Maintain Your Sports Pitch in Autumn

Autumn is the time when you start to see your pitch recover from the hardships of the warm summer months but also the demand placed on it increases as sports as the football season returns.  It's also a crucial time of year to prepare for the winter ahead to keep the pitch in top condition.


September is the start of the football season and the temperatures are still reasonable, so your pitch should be in relatively good condition.  Cylinder mowers are the best to use at this time of year and cutting in different directions...

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Two positions are currently available at Haffey Sportsgrounds. We are looking for the following:
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