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Portadown Football Club approached Haffey Sportsgrounds during the summer of 2016. The pitch surface at Shamrock Park had been in a poor condition for several seasons and was talked about by other league teams for the wrong reasons. Managers from other clubs continually commented on how poor the surface was and that it affected how their team played and that there was the possibility of injuries being caused by the playing surface.

After a meeting with board members and ground staff we put together a bespoke programme of works and an on-going maintenance package to suit the needs and budget of the club.

During the course of the 2016/17 season noticeable improvements were made and a lot of positive feedback was expressed by the club and other teams who had previously expressed displeasure with the surface.

Earlier this summer Haffey Sportsgrounds carried out an extensive renovation programme with the main aim being that the surface would be a showpiece for the highly anticipated UEFA Women’s U19 tournament. Portadown Football Club was honoured to be selected as a host for this tournament and was keen to show their appreciation to UEFA by providing befitting facilities.

The UEFA Women’s U19 tournament has been a great success and Portadown FC have received a lot of very positive feedback about the way in which they have hosted their allocated matches with particular praise being offered for the superb condition of the playing surface at Shamrock Park.

We hope to build on the positive start that has been made in our relationship with PFC and continue to help them present a pitch of the highest possible quality.