Maintenance & Regeneration

Haffey provide a full maintenance package for sports facilities, ranging from inspections through to regular maintenance contract work that protects your investment.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of facilities, offering a longer lifespan before resurfacing or redevelopment is necessary. It also maximises the availability of your facility and therefore the return on your original investment.

Maintenance packages and services are available on an ad-hoc basis, or through a regular contractual agreement; services we offer include:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Fertilizing
  • Scarifying
  • Aeration: Verti-draining or Ground-breaking
  • Direct Seeding
  • Spraying 

For further advice or to book maintenance please contact us.

At Haffey we have the capacity and expertise to revitalise and upgrade golf courses using laser-grading equipment for precision greens and tees and to create new bunker complexes, shaping their lines with diggers equipped with specialist tilting equipment.


Not all our work involves constructing state-of-the-art playing surfaces from a virgin site, or replacing or upgrading existing surfaces. Regeneration through natural surface removal, drainage schemes and irrigation gives longevity and a new lease of life to any sports ground or golf course.

Natural surface removal

Natural surface removal is a precision process that removes the top layer of the pitch or fairway surface that has suffered erosion, infection or poor grass growth, replacing it with a new seedbed in goalmouths, shooting orders, baselines and other areas that have become worn. We can also lift and replace deadbeat turf.

Drainage & Irrigation Schemes

Effective drainage systems are essential for the wellbeing of any synthetic surface or natural playing field and in particular for its regeneration – especially in a temperate maritime climate that is prone to significant precipitation (in other words, a place such as Northern Ireland where it rains a lot).

At Haffey we can install a number of drainage systems, depending on the soil grading, structure and our clients’ general requirements, ranging from trench pipe banding for surface water removal to sand grooving for tired or compacted pitches.

We also have the capacity to design, install and maintain automated and manual sprinkler and drip irrigation systems for all types of sporting facilities. This ensures longevity and brings freshness to pitches as well as providing a welcome convenience when watering domestic gardens and open public spaces.